M & R Stebbins | Alameda, CA
We had a wonderful experience working with Norman Sanchez Architecture. Norman guided us through our Alameda whole house remodel from beginning to end. Because of the size of our project, we needed not just an architect with a great design sense, but also an architect who could serve as a project manager. Norman was a great fit. He really got to know us and truly listened to what we wanted out of our kitchen and our house. At the same time, Norman brought us many valuable ideas that we would not have come up with on our own. Norman was available and involved throughout the nine month project and we feel that the process and outcome would not have been as positive without him. We are thrilled with the final product and Norman was an integral part of creating the house we wanted.

E & G Jimenez | San Ramon, CA
Working with Norman Sanchez Architecture was a great experience. Norman was vital to our kitchen, dining, and living room remodel. Norman created…  

B & H Ahrens | Alameda, CA
Norman did an outstanding job on our recent home remodel and addition. We are thrilled with the results. Norman's presence from initial consult to the…  

B & K Graham | Alameda, CA
We were extremely happy to have selected and worked with Norman Sanchez and his Team for our home addition project. From the beginning...  

C Adam | Moraga, CA
Norman is definitely a top notch architect, something of a perfectionist (an excellent quality in this field!), innovative and creative. He is a good listener...  

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